Dynamic Element Small Animal Cage Deodorizer Spray

  • Small Animal Specialized – Dynamic Element Small Animal Cage Deodorizer is specifically designed with the unique diet and habitat of small animals in mind. Ideal for small animal cages, it effectively decomposes odor molecules from hamster, rabbit, and guinea pig waste, leaving their spaces fresher and cleaner.
  • Bath-Time Boost – This deodorizer is an excellent supplementary hygiene measure between baths. It ensures that your small animals’ living environment remains odor-free and comfortable, making your pet care routine more manageable and efficient.
  • Powerful Patented Mineral-Based Formula – Unlike conventional enzymatic products, our deodorizer uses a powerful patented mineral-based formula. Engineered to capture and neutralize small animal waste odors, it provides a more authentic and long-lasting freshness to your pets’ living spaces instead of merely masking smells.
  • Fragrance-Free for Health – We prioritize your small animals’ health above all. Our product is completely fragrance-free, with no heavy perfumes added. Your pets’ comfort is ensured with no artificial fragrances masking odors. It’s a perfect solution for keeping your small animal cages odor-free in a health-conscious manner.
  • Safe and Gentle – Dynamic Element Small Animal Cage Deodorizer is certified non-toxic and non-irritating, making it safe for both your small animals and humans. It leaves no harsh chemical smells lingering behind. You can safely use it with your small animals in the cage.
$ 24

What Makes Us Different?

Small Animal Specialized

Crafted with the understanding that our tiny pals have a unique digestion process, our formula targets and eliminates the distinctive odors produced by their waste.

Patented Mineral Formula

Our patented mineral-based active formula sets our product apart from traditional enzymatic products. While enzymatic solutions rely on biological processes to break down odor-causing compounds, our innovative mineral-based approach effectively neutralizes odors without the need for enzymes.

Fragrance-free for Health

Our product is intentionally unscented. Fragrances can often cause irritation or discomfort for small animals. By choosing a fragrance-free approach, we respect their sensitive nature, providing a solution that is not only effective, but also gentle on your pet's health. Clear and colorless, our formula maintains the freshness of your pet's environment in the most natural way.

Safe and Gentle

Prioritizing your small pet's wellbeing, our formula is free from alcohol, dyes, bleach, phosphates, and parabens. Certified as non-irritating to the skin, it's safe to use around your small animals, even during application. You can trust in the safety and efficacy of our Small Animal Cage Deodorizer Spray.

* Claims verified by SGS (an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Independent Lab), 2022

Where to Use

Inside the Cage

Spray our fragrance-free deodorizer directly inside your pet’s habitat, focusing on the bedding, toys, and accessories. This approach targets and neutralizes odors at the source, ensuring a clean and fresh living environment without adding any scents. Regular use helps in maintaining optimal hygiene within your pet’s living space, contributing to their health and well-being without the use of artificial fragrances.

Around the Cage Area

Don’t forget to use our spray around the cage area, including on the floor, the stand the cage is on, and nearby surfaces. This helps in controlling and eliminating stray odors that may escape the cage, keeping the entire room fresh. It creates a more pleasant living space for both you and your pet, ensuring that pet odors don’t take over your living space.

Cleaning & Storage Areas

Use our deodorizer spray in the areas where you store your pet’s supplies, cleaning tools, and in any secondary habitats or travel cages. This prevents odors from building up in storage, ensuring that everything stays fresh for the next use. It maintains the cleanliness of your pet’s environment, promoting better hygiene practices.

How to Use