Reptile Odor Eliminator

  • Unscented Deodorizer for Reptile Tank – Dynamic Element fragrance-free lizard cage spray is designed to protect your reptile pet’s delicate sense of smell. No heavy perfume masking to mix in other scents.
  • Powerful Mineral-Based Formula – A little goes a long way with our patented mineral-based formula for reptile terrarium use. Reptile waste includes a lot of protein due to their live food diet. Our product targets and combats stubborn odors at their source and naturally brings back a healthier turtle habitat.
  • Reduce Reptile Cage Cleaning Frequency – Your ideal odor eliminator choice for in-between terrarium or tank cleaning. More time engaging with your reptile. Less time on snake tank cleaning.
  • Safe for Reptiles, Amphibians, and Humans – Certified for no oral toxicity. No Phosphates. No Sulfate. No Parabens. No Hormone. This reptile deodorizer gets rid of turtle tank odors yet cares about your reptile friend and yourself safe.
  • Convenient – Ready-to-use concentrated formula. No dilution. Spray directly onto the tank, terrarium, substrates, lizard sand, gecko hammock, and color-fast fabrics.
$ 26

What Makes Us Different?


Reptiles like to eat a wide range of live food, such as mealworms. Their waste includes much protein, which leaves a strong smell behind if it is not cleaned on the spot. This reptile odor eliminator has ZERO fragrances added, which means no other extra smell will be mixed in after spray.

Patented Mineral Formula

We are NOT an enzymatic product to remove odor. We have no interest in using heavy fragrances to mask the smell. Instead, our patented mineral-based formula targets and decomposes the odor molecules at their source.

Premium Spray Experience

Thanks to the airless and ergonomic bottle design, you will get a premium consistent spray experience. Forget forever the annoying spray experience like trigger stuck back and forth and ending up with liquid leaking on your hands.

Free of

This reptile deodorizer is alcohol-free, phosphates-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. Certified no oral toxicity and no skin irritation. * All we do is make sure this product is ultimately safe to use on your reptile pets.

* Claims verified by SGS (an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Independent Lab).

Where to Use

Enclosures Inside Corners

The deodorizer spray has a ready-to-use formula. Feel free to spray all the terrarium inside surfaces. No rinse. Let it dry.


Substrates are the main odor source coming from. After cleaning up the mess, use this spray to freshen up the hard-to-wash substrates.

Set-ups and Tank décor

Spray directly on all the colorfast coral driftwood branches, bearded dragon hammocks, leopard gecko hideout holes, etc.

How to Use