Pet Odor Removal Solution

Deodorant lines for pet

Make your pets and home clean without fragrance

We know you love your pet. We know you really want to do the right things for your furry friends. That’s why you always consider choosing what’s best for them – whether it’s to feed them or to keep them clean and healthy.

Dynamic Element has developed a newly patented formula that will make your pet and home smell cleaner than ever before. The innovative, mineral-based, active-ingredient deodorant improves your pet’s ecosystem in a natural way by decomposing odor molecules. This leaves your pet clean, odor-free, and the house free from the pungent smell of chemicals.

The fragrance-free formula also protects your pet’s sensitive sense of smell and is good for sensitive people who have allergies and are asthmatic to fragrance, especially pregnant women.


Let's face it. We could remove pet odor without heavy fragrances.

Relief for fragrance allergies

Its fragrance-free feature can be a big relief for people who has fragrance allergies and asthma.

Safe for pregnant women

No heavy chemical scent which might be harmful to pregnant women. No skin irritation.

Smell cleaner than ever before

Prevention from recurring – it not only removes odors, moreover, it will prevent it from recurring.

Superfine spray experience

Pull trigger back for maximum coverage. You will get ultra premium spray experience.

Protect pet’s sensitive sense of smell

Pets are 10,000 times more sensitive than human are to chemical fragrances.

For dogs and cats. All breeds.

Safe to use on dogs and cats and all the pet supplies.


Spray on pet’s coat directly. Safe to use on carpet, hardwood floors, fabric couches, tiles and many more.

*Note: Do not use on suede, leather.

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