Deodorant lines for fitness accessories

Your fitness accessories will smell clean
instead of a sweaty odor.

Think about it: When you just finish a yoga session at home, you find a lot of sweat dropping to the yoga-mat, mixed with the odor. You use a towel with water to wipe off the sweat left on the yoga-mat. But you’ll find the smell just decreases slightly.

The situation gets worse when you take a boxing session. Even if you bring your own boxing gloves along, you enjoy a fantastic boxing session, sweat releases to the gloves. Never think about washing those boxing gloves, which is almost impossible. What you can do is only let it go as it is. And next time, bring those gloves again. Think about the stinky boxing gloves…

“Working up a sweat” can keep you healthy, both physically and mentally. As you may know, endorphins, also called “happiness hormones, “will be pumped up during a workout. Endorphins make you feel enchanted.

Now, you don’t need to worry about the smelly fitness accessories. You don’t need to compromise. We promise that your boxing gloves will never smell bad again! Dynamic Element deodorant solution for fitness accessories has you covered.

Unlike using heavy perfume masking odors, Dynamic Element deodorant solutions decompose odor molecules of your different fitness accessories, such as yoga mat, boxing gloves, TRX systems, etc.

Yep, boost your endorphins worry-free!

Yoga mat

Boxing gloves

TRX systems


Designed for Fitness Accessories

Dirty boxing gloves, yoga-mats, or TRX systems left unattended after a training session can form bacteria and eventually smell awful. This kind of fitness accessories cannot be washed through the water. That's where we came in. We believe your fitness accessories will smell fresh and clean instead of a sweaty odor.


Our fragrance-free formula will not distract you during a training session. The spotlight should be only you, not the heavy perfume.

Patented Mineral Formula

We are not a bio-enzyme solution to remove odor. Likewise, we have no interest in using heavy fragrances to mask the smell. Instead, our patented mineral-based formula decomposes odor molecules.​

Premium Spray Experience

Thanks to the airless and ergonomic bottle design, you will get a premium consistent spray experience. Forget forever the annoying spray experience like trigger stuck back and forth and ending up with liquid leaking on your hands.

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