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Committed to superior quality and results

Our Inspiration

We trust nature’s magical purifying mineral power.

We all know well that natural process creates the crystalline mineral waters of the French Alps.

The water starts as snow and rain that then travels slowly through layer upon layer of glacial rocks until it becomes clear and purified. 

These glacial rocks contain an abundance of mineral elements which give the water everything it needs on its journey to freshness. That means there is never any need to add anything else to enhance the water’s quality and excellence. 

Inspired by this natural phenomenon, our scientists, after decades of research, have taken inspiration from the dynamic elements at play in nature’s purification process.

Then we applied the same procedure to our deodorizing products. In fact, that ‘dynamic element’ is where we took our name from! Using our patented mineral formula our spray naturally improves your home’s ecosystem by decomposing odor molecules. 

Our Philosophy

Do the Right Thing.

“Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter.”

Doing the right thing for our customers is our first and foremost priority. 

Today, people often feel overwhelmed when facing thousands of odor eliminator products on the shelf. They want to know what they are exposing themselves, their family, and their pets to. Is it safe? Does it do the job?  

Quick question. What are you doing when you put on a mask? That’s right, you’re disguising yourself. You’re covering up… but we still know you are there underneath.

That’s why we don’t ‘mask’ or ‘hide’ odors behind perfumes.  

We knew that the deodorant market needed radical reinvention. That’s why instead of ‘masking’, we break down the odors at the source. 

We saw the challenge and made it our opportunity. 

That’s why we call it the Right Thing Philosophy. 

Our purpose is to keep your home, loved ones, and your furry friends smelling clean. But…  We do that in a natural and healthy way. 

When the method is right the results are right.  

Our Practice


For us, The Right Thing connects us to a SUBTRACTION type of lifestyle.

As a society, we are wired for addition. It’s easier to look at our lives and see what we’re missing than it is to see what we need to take away. 

Adding a powerful or overwhelming fragrance might make some of us feel the benefits. However, for people with allergies or asthma that can have highly negative impacts. And what’s to say that the perfume favored by you will be popular with others?   

Let’s ask another question: Is fragrance a must-have for a deodorant product? 

That’s right! It’s not. And all that fragrance is really doing is covering an odor, it’s not getting rid of it.  

Our solution. Take the perfume away entirely.  

We are all for a lifestyle that reduces additives, reduces chemicals, and uses nature’s processes to bring you peace of mind.  


Our approach to The Right Thing has its roots in our WILLFUL RELENTLESSNESS. 

We all know our cats and dogs can spend a lot of time cleaning themselves or being curious about odors.  

That can make conscientious pet owners concerned about their oral safety.  

We do not make false claims about our pet safety. Our patented mineral formula has been awarded non-oral toxic certificates from 3rd-party authoritative laboratories.  

We absolutely wouldn’t have launched without it. It was The Right Thing to do.  

To some extent, we were regarded as stubborn. We were trying something so innovative the industry couldn’t quite believe it hadn’t been done before.  

We like to substitute the word stubborn for willful. Willful relentlessness. We have a long-term vision. We want to become a company with genuine sustainable development. Short-term success is not in our game plan.  


Dynamic Element is not just about doing The Right Thing. We also have a passion for FLEXIBLITY.

We are dedicated to a customer-oriented culture. We appreciate all customers’ feedback. In fact, we use your input to maintain continuous improvement and innovation. Which we hope then feeds back to your satisfaction.  

We have a guaranteed refund policy for all of our deodorizing product lines. 

Putting it simply…  “Money back guaranteed if the odor doesn’t go.”  

We are confident with our product. We are confident you can have confidence in us.  

But we always want to hear more from you. We want to hear your voice and your problems. Then we can work together towards solutions. 

We appreciate different customers have different needs. And flexibility in service is how we meet your requirements. Product value is customer value.  

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